ALAN WAKE 2 New Gameplay | INSANE NEXT GEN Graphics from Demo at Gamescom 2023 4K

“Alan Wake 2” emerges as a distinctive and unconventional addition to the renowned franchise. It is as highlighted in the introductory moments where players control a naked, balding, middle-aged man in a bewildering forest. Developed by Remedy, the game takes a self-indulgent and meta approach. And it immerse players in a journey through the studio’s lore with an enthralling brilliance born from its idiosyncratic nature.

Set 13 years after the original game, “Alan Wake 2” continues the story of the titular writer’s attempts to escape the enigmatic Dark Place. The narrative is complemented by the investigations of Saga Anderson, an FBI agent exploring ritual murders in the quiet town of Bright Falls. Players navigate both characters, experiencing interwoven storylines that unfold in a non-linear fashion, providing a unique and dynamic narrative structure.


In a tonal shift from its predecessor, “Alan Wake 2” ventures into the realm of proper survival horror. The game introduces elements of brutality, nail-biting tension, and unexpected gore. It also emphasizes the need for resource management and strategic use of light sources to combat the menacing Taken. The shift from Remedy’s previous game, “Control,” is notable, as the gameplay in “Alan Wake 2” prioritizes tension and release, punctuating quiet moments with short bursts of violence and panic.

The article notes that while Remedy excels in crafting creative and satisfying combat systems, their relative inexperience with the broader survival horror genre becomes apparent. The extended periods of quiet before encounters allow players to become too well-equipped, disrupting the intended balance of horror. Enemy encounters, while exciting, are sometimes perceived as unceremoniously placed obstacles, lacking a strong connection to the game’s environment.


Despite these challenges, “Alan Wake 2” successfully immerses players in a unique and memorable experience, featuring impactful gunplay, tense exploration, and a captivating narrative. Remedy’s commitment to storytelling and their willingness to embrace unconventional elements contribute to the game’s allure, showcasing their dedication to pushing boundaries within the survival horror genre.


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