Cocoon: A Mesmerizing Puzzle Odyssey Past Dimensions

The Cosmic Journey Begins

In the realm of puzzle-platformers, “Cocoon” emerges as a mesmerizing odyssey, weaving its narrative through the cosmos. Developed by gameplay designer Jeppe Carlsen, renowned for his work on “Limbo” and “Inside,” Cocoon diverges from the creepy side-scrolling adventures of its predecessors, presenting itself as a 3D puzzle-platformer that adds a refreshing layer of depth to the genre.

The game kicks off with Cocoon. it is a small cicada-like creature, embarking on an exhilarating journey propelled solely by a thumbstick and a single button. Despite the minimalist controls, the game’s intricately designed puzzles progressively build on each other. Also, it seamlessly integrating fundamental mechanics from the desolate desert starting point throughout the entire gameplay. Cocoon cleverly avoids overwhelming players with its complexity, ensuring the journey remains challenging yet accessible.

Worlds Within Orbs

As the narrative unfolds, Cocoon transitions from the barren starting area into a harsh mechanical environment, introducing a key element: orbs. These mysterious orange spheres contain entire worlds within them and become a pivotal tool for players to power platforms, lifts, and other machinery hindering their progress. Manipulating these orbs to solve puzzles becomes a delightful experience, unveiling the mesmerizing interactions between each puzzle piece and layer.

Unlike its monochromatic predecessors, “Limbo” and “Inside,” Cocoon breaks free from the mold with vibrant. Also it curated color palettes. Each world within the orbs exhibits its distinct color and atmosphere. It is ranging from the warm sands of the first orange orb-world to the squishy and alien textures of the later purple one. The visual beauty of Cocoon, coupled with its innovative mechanics. And also adds an immersive layer to the overall gaming experience.

As players progress through the concise five to six-hour story, the orbs gradually unveil special powers. These powers, reminiscent of the Metroidvania genre, include revealing hidden paths, altering the state of objects between gaseous and solid forms, and other abilities crucial for solving previously impossible puzzles. The game skillfully introduces a variety of uniquely designed orb-worlds, challenging players to juggle between them while uncovering the mysteries of the alien technology powering these cosmic realms.

A Breathtaking Blend of Challenge and Reflection

Cocoon transcends the traditional puzzle-platformer mold by concluding each orb with a distinct boss fight. These encounters showcase unique mechanics, introducing a fresh puzzle and challenge at every step. Astonishingly, the Geometric team manages to design intense combat scenarios with just one button, seamlessly integrating them into Cocoon’s adventurous and curious atmosphere.

While combat sections add excitement, Cocoon remains true to its puzzler roots. The puzzles are intricate. And it often requiring patience and a willingness to embrace trial and error. The game’s level design cleverly provides subtle hints. And it is such as color-coded pathways or moss-covered rock formations, guiding players through the seemingly complex challenges. The subtle musical cues and triumphant swells further enhance the sense of discovery, cheering players on as they inch closer to unraveling each puzzle.

The layered and compounding challenges. But Cocoon’s relatively short duration of five and a half hours doesn’t diminish its impact. The game invites players to explore hidden Moon Ancestor collectibles, adding replay value and incentivizing multiple playthroughs. Each collectible, meticulously tucked away in the diverse worlds, contributes to the sense of intrigue and accomplishment, leaving players eager to discover more.


In conclusion, Cocoon stands as a breathtaking puzzle-platformer with a psychedelic edge. Building upon the legacy of Jeppe Carlsen’s previous works, it offers a mind-bending journey through cosmic realms. And it offers challenging players with its innovative puzzle mechanics and captivating visuals. The game’s ability to transform repetition into a Zen-like experience, coupled with its reflection on life and being part of a larger narrative, makes Cocoon a must-play for fans of the genre and anyone seeking a thought-provoking puzzle adventure.


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