EXCITING GAME of PlayStation 5 in 2024


PlayStation 5 exclusive games that made this year so enjoyable. God of War Ragnarök, Final Fantasy 16, and Marvel Spider-Man 2, passed like a storm.

There are many gamers who bought the PlayStation 5 for a lot of money to enjoy the exclusive. According to foreign media, this year’s PlayStation 5 purchases have risen significantly compared to last year. Especially, Marvel Spider-Man 2 is the best contributor. Some acquaintances, who did not respond at all to endless recommendations, even certified the purchase of the PlayStation 5.

There will still be gamers who are hesitant to buy a game console. It is judged that three to four exclusive works are not enough to invest more than 600,000 won. Another reason is that the PlayStation 5 exclusive contract will be terminated in about a year, so you can enjoy it on PC.

More fun on PS5

Like fruits and fish taste better in season. so does games. In the case of games that have been released long after their release, they are often hard to reach with other new works at that point. This is the ultimate reason to buy a PlayStation 5.

In addition, dual-sense functionality and PC version optimization issues cannot but be considered. Gamers who have experienced dual-sense functionality know how great the effect is. When enjoying God of War Ragnarök and Marvel Spider-Man 2, the vibration intensity changes even with the slightest situation, so you can enjoy the game more immersed. This is the touch of the PlayStation 5 that you can’t feel on your PC.

Optimization on PS5

Among the simultaneous PC and console releases in 2023, one of the few games that fully provided PC version optimization are out of reach. The biggest drawback of the PlayStation 5 is that hardware specifications fall more than PCs, but the optimization issue allows you to enjoy it in a more pleasant environment.

The all-time box office games have passed, but PlayStation 5 still has bullets to deliver joy to gamers. Representatives include Quantum Error released on November 3. Final Fantasy 7 Rivers scheduled to be released on February 29 next year, and Stella Blade, a new shift-up famous for Project Eve.

Well, in 2024.

The first partner exclusive is Marvel’s new film “Marvel’s Wolverine”. It is firmly established the position of a “good game maker” with Marvel Spider-Man 2. The exact release date has not been disclosed yet, but experts expect it to be next fall.

As many expected PlayStation 5 compatible works are released in addition to exclusive works, it is a good time to make a bold decision if you are still thinking about PlayStation 5.

Final Fantasy 7 Rivers

Final Fantasy 7 Rivers is the second game in the Square Enix “Final Fantasy 7” remake project trilogy. In the recently released trailer, fans are interested in the appearance of Sephiroth. It is an arch-nemesis described as a close relationship as if he had become a colleague.

It is a story that follows the remake of its previous work. And it contains the adventure of Cloud Streep leaving again with Airis and Tippa. The point of attention is the story that gives variations in the original story. As new characters who did not appear in the original participate, it is necessary to pay attention to the changes in the story caused by them.
“The story is told dramatically,” said Yoshinori Kitase, producer of Final Fantasy 7. “A big event that has not been seen before proceeds at a very fast pace,” he explained, raising expectations.

According to the production team’s explanation, the play time is so vast that it easily exceeds 100 hours. The world in the game is divided into multiple worlds, and each world has different exploration and play experiences.

In the case of combat, action and strategy were combined. In the trailer, it can be seen that the inter-character linkage action and linkage availability are also strengthened compared to the previous work.

Final Fantasy 7 is considered one of the best games of all time. And it makes the Final Fantasy series the best game IP in the world. The previous remake evaluation was not bad. numerous gamers are also paying attention to Rivers. It will be released in February 2024.

Stella Blade

It is a new shift-up work that inherits Blade & Soul’s action in the past. Also it shows the design and art style of Kim Hyung-hyung’s division. Global gamers’ attention was also focused on the game, which led shift-up to become the first Sony second partner in Korea.

Stella Blade depicts the story of Eve and Adam, who came down to earth to restore the ruined earth against the backdrop of the post-apocalypse worldview.

Eve, who reached Zaion, the only city left on the ground, under Adam’s guidance, meets its leader, Orcal, and encounters several stories. Since then, Eve has contributed to the reconstruction of the city by developing relationships with important figures of Zion to keep his mission of “saving the Earth.”

Above all, the realistic action is excellent enough to be rated as unavailable for teenagers. In the trailer, blood splashing in all directions and the visuals of the brutally dead monsters make it impossible to take your eyes off them.

However, many gamers say that it is similar to the action and atmosphere of Near Automata when analyzed only by trailers. I wonder what differentiation shift-up will solve this.

Stella Blade is a single – play game that excludes multi – play. The release date is undecided, but it is known to be developing smoothly enough to be able to pre-order the disc version soon.

Marble Wolverine

It is an original game based on the Marvel Comics superhero ‘Wolverine’. It is developed by Insomniac Games. No special news has been reported. Since it was first unveiled in September 2021. There are only rumors. They share the same worldview as the Marvel Spider-Man series and are developing it with the aim of releasing it in the fall of 2024.

Insomniac Games surprised fans again with Marvel Spider-Man 2 last October. Thanks to its enhanced action, system, and convenience functions, PlayStation 5 sales also rose.

Naturally, expectations for Marvel’s Wolverine are different. As the movie series also ended with “Logan,” there are many voices that want to see Wolverine again with games, but I’m looking forward to seeing what action will surprise fans.

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